First, require Cookie Notice as a Composer dependency:

1composer require duncanmcclean/cookie-notice

Next, publish the configuration file and it's assets (CSS & JavaScript):

1php artisan vendor:publish --tag=cookie-notice-config && php artisan vendor:publish --tag=cookie-notice-assets

And finally, add the tag to your site's layout:

1{{ cookie_notice }}

If you need to move Cookie Notice's JavaScript elsewhere on the page, you can do this:

1{{ cookie_notice:scripts }}

Overriding the cookie notice

If you wish to have some customization over the cookie notice view, maybe for styling purposes, you can publish the view using the below command:

1php artisan vendor:publish --tag=cookie-notice-views

The view will then be published into your resources/views/vendor directory. Inside the view, there's a couple of variables that are available to you:

  • domain
  • cookie_name
  • groups
  • csrf_field
  • csrf_token
  • current_date, now and today
  • site for the current site
  • sites for an array of all sites
  • And also any globals you have setup...